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CATHY Littlies - High Tees Australia
CATHY Littlies - High Tees Australia

CATHY Littlies

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"You have got to try and reach for the star or try and reach for the unachievable" - Cathy Freeman OAM

Australia’s Golden Hero - multiple World Champion and Olympic Gold Medallist! Advocate for Education in Indigenous Communities! Young Australian and Australian of the Year!

Who could forget that moment when she crossed the finish line of the 400 metres at the Sydney Olympics in 2000? That victory lap, with both the flags and that grin on the podium... what a moment in Australian sporting history?! What a moment in Australian history?! With multiple victories and medals at World Championships, Commonwealth Games and Olympic Games, Cathy truly is one of Australia's sporting heros. And recognised such being ordained Young Australian of the Year in 1990 and Australian of the Year eight years later. She was given the unusual honour for a participating athlete to light the Olympic Torch at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games opening ceremony and ran to victory with the weight of Australia's expectations in the 400 metres. She is not only an atheletic superstar but an incredible advocate of education and champion of change for young Indigenous children realising their potential through school. She will remain forever in our hearts and minds as our Golden Girl and the vision of her win at the Sydney Olympics forever seared in our nation's collective memory.