Bespoke… did someone say bespoke?

Yes! High Tees offers bespoke designs of your special someone, your precious fur baby or even a much loved home or object. Whatever or whomever you would like to immortalise High Tees is up for the challenge… within reason…

We draw the line on the following:
  • Babies - with their squidgy soft faces they’re just to hard to draw, or at least recognise in a drawing.
  • Fictional characters or animation - uh oh… this would be a breach of copyright.
  • Someone elses artwork or photograph - another no no as it might be subject to copyright unless you have the prior permission from the copyright owner.
Get in touch and send us an image at and we can discuss your specific bespoke needs.
Please note supplied images must be of high resolution and you must have permission to use the image. If you are unsure, please note High Tees will not be liable for any breach of copyright of supplied photo.
As images are hand-drawn and specifically designed to look great on a Tee, orders for bespoke High Tees take a minimum of 3-4 weeks. Delivery times are subject to change as necessary.
Bespoke Tees start from $120.