In the vast landscape of history, certain figures stand out as pioneers who paved the way for future generations. Vida Goldstein and Miles Franklin, two remarkable Australian women from the early 20th century, were not only trailblazers in their respective fields but also close friends united by a common cause. High Tees, the Australian apparel brand known for its commitment to celebrating iconic women, has drawn inspiration from this dynamic duo to create a unique collection of t-shirts and tote bags that pay homage to their enduring legacy.


Vida Goldstein, born on April 13, 1869, in Portland, Victoria, began her public career in the 1890s, assisting her mother in collecting signatures for the women's suffrage petition. Her journey took her to the International Women's Suffrage Conference in the USA in 1902, where she spoke passionately about women's rights. Goldstein's relentless pursuit of equality led her to run for the Senate six times, making her an internationally recognised figure in the fight for women's rights.

Vida and Miles Tote Bag

Miles Franklin, born in 1879, was not only a renowned member of the early feminist movement in Australia but also a close friend of Vida Goldstein. In 1901, Franklin made a lasting mark on literature with her groundbreaking novel, "My Brilliant Career," which explored themes of a woman's right to career and freedom. Franklin's commitment to empowering women transcended her literary contributions, as evidenced by her bequest to establish the Miles Franklin literary award upon her death in 1954—an award that remains the pinnacle of recognition for Australian literary excellence.

The synergy between these two extraordinary women serves as the inspiration for High Tees' latest collection, featuring portraits of Vida Goldstein and Miles Franklin on a range of stylish t-shirts and tote bags. The collection seamlessly blends fashion with a powerful narrative, encapsulating the spirit of these iconic women and their shared dedication to breaking barriers. 

High Tees invites you to explore the collection, where each garment tells a story of resilience, courage, and friendship. The Vida Unisex T-shirt and Miles Women's Scoop T-shirt are not just pieces of clothing; they are tributes to the indomitable spirit of these two trailblazing women who left an indelible mark on Australia's history.

Miles Franklin T shirtMiles Franklin T shirt

As you don these garments, you carry with you the legacy of Vida Goldstein and Miles Franklin—a legacy that reminds us all of the progress we've made and the work that still lies ahead in the ongoing pursuit of equality. Visit High Tees' website to explore the collection and embrace the empowering narratives woven into each thread.

Explore the Vida Unisex T-shirt here and the Miles Women's Scoop T-shirt here. Join High Tees in celebrating the stories of Vida Goldstein and Miles Franklin—two women who dared to dream and inspire.

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