In a world where the voices and achievements of women are often overlooked, it is crucial to celebrate and honour those who have paved the way for gender equality. One such remarkable woman is Vida Goldstein, a feminist pioneer who dedicated her life to fighting for women's rights in Australia. As you know, High Tees loves supporting important causes,  and we have taken a bold step in contributing to the creation of the Vida Goldstein Statue.

The statue will be commissioned by the Melbourne Art Trust and will help address the gender imbalance in statues across Melbourne. Only 10 of the city’s 580 statues in the city depict and celebrate women from Melbourne’s history – representing less than two per cent of all statues.

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation is working with the City of Melbourne to accept donations on behalf of the Melbourne Art Trust. 

Find out more about Vida Goldstein and City of Melbourne’s statues of women.

The Legacy of Vida Goldstein:
Vida Goldstein was a trailblazing feminist, social reformer, and advocate for women's suffrage in Australia. Born in 1869, she was a fearless leader who campaigned tirelessly for women's rights, including the right to vote and stand for parliament. Goldstein was instrumental in founding the Women's Political Association in 1903, becoming the first woman in the British Empire to stand for election to a national parliament in 1903. Her unwavering commitment to equality and justice inspired generations of women to continue the fight for gender equality.

The Importance of Public Art:
Public art plays a crucial role in shaping our cultural landscape and reflecting the values of a society. By honouring historical figures like Vida Goldstein through statues and monuments, we not only pay tribute to their legacy but also educate and inspire future generations. The creation of the Vida Goldstein statue will serve as a powerful reminder of her contributions to women's rights and the ongoing struggle for gender equality. It will stand as a symbol of hope and empowerment for women everywhere, encouraging them to speak up, stand tall, and fight for their rights.

High Tees' Support:
High Tees has joined hands with the Public Art Fund to support the creation of the Vida Goldstein statue. Throughout the month of May, High Tees is donating $5 from the sale of every VIDA t-shirt or tote bag to the Lord Mayor's Charitable Fund, which is spearheading the fundraising efforts for the statue. By purchasing a VIDA product from High Tees, customers not only get to wear a stylish and meaningful piece of clothing but also contribute to a worthy cause that celebrates women's empowerment and equality.

High Tees' support for the Vida Goldstein statue is a tribute to feminist pioneers, inspiring future generations for gender equality. Celebrate Vida Goldstein's legacy and empower women for a more inclusive society.

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