"I'd rather be drawing than talking about myself" - Darelle Knight

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Sydney based, NZ born Artist, DARELLE KNIGHT is one of the 4 Artists in Residence for High Tees. She has created a succinct collection of 'Portals' - beautifully hand drawn botanical kaleidoscopes, entwining patterns, flowers and motifs. They have been created to be worn as a shield or broach to protect Climate Warriors from the perils of fighting for Climate Action. 

Tell us a bit about your creative process:

Darelle Knight Artist for High TeesCapturing ideas is really important, complete or fractured, it doesn’t matter but you need to get it onto paper, or record it somehow - trusting that the idea is important and can grow, even if it isn’t apparent how yet. This is the start of everything and something I learnt from David Lynch talk about his process.

Work makes work, sometimes I take that quite literally. I keep all old unwanted work aside so if a new collection stalls, I revisit that discarded pile and see if anything is still relevant and able to be redistributed.

I like to play. I often pick materials on how they make me feel when I use them.

I work in what spaces of the day and night I can, this can sometimes be two or three different series at the same time. My focus and productivity works best when doing things I find interesting so unless something spills over into hyper focus I am at least tinkering away each day.

Most of the work I created the past two years has been due to a systematic and relaxing practice from the safety of the evening couch. I leave a pad of paper, compass, ruler, and a jar of coloured pencils there, at the ready.
Years ago I was at a job that consumed my life, leaving me exhausted and consuming unhealthy habits. I reclaimed my time, and self worth, by carrying a tiny sketchbook and black pen in my bag to sketch people on my commute (the backs of their heads so not to be confronting). By the time I finally left the job, I had filled 9 sketchbooks and a feeling of awe for how much you can achieve with just a little work each day.

Darelle Knight Artist for High Tees

I’ll often start studying a motif or a concept by devouring its information, drawing it over and over again, then thinking about it in relation to other motifs or concepts, and drawing it some more until it loosens and grows into something different and of its own and I can use it like a new word added to my vocabulary.

 Why is Climate Action important to you? 

Because I believe in doing the right thing. 

Because I believe in science.

Because I trust people that work hard and strive for truth.

Darelle Knight Artist for High Tees

Because I watched Captain Planet everyday after primary school and to this day still strongly believe that looting and polluting is not the way.

Because I am living in an environment and have a responsibility to a) not be a dick to that environment and b) take action when I see someone or something being a dick to that environment - these are basic rules for being a human, not extremist. 

Because I am an aunty and want a safe and healthy environment for the future. 

Because I am a granddaughter and I want to be proud, not ashamed, of how the planet was cared for during my time on it.

Because I believe Climate Action is good for the economy.Because I believe there are already no-brainer actionable changes governments and businesses can make.

Because I believe in good winning over evil.

Because I believe the issue is complex and worth talking about.

Because I believe that even though I can have an opposing view of an issue to someone, we will still have something in common and if we speak respectfully and listen, there is much we can achieve and change can happen.
I am concerned with the divisiveness of society. I don’t think that is something new in humanity, but it is definitely more apparent in our homes and everyday lives due to the advancements in technology for social communication.


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