Yasuko Toda, Japanese Illustrator and Artists has joined the High Tees Artist in Residence. Now residing in Sydney, Yasuko is an emerging Artist on the Australian Art Scene. 

Influenced by social issues, notably Climate Change, Yasuko creates clever illustrations that pack a powerful political punch. She has created these t shirts and tote bags as a way for you to wear your "daily protest" against the inaction of Climate Change. 

Yasuko’s work explores the idea that our current climate disaster is not an individual accountability, but the result of an abrogation of responsibility by those in power, in politics and big business.
Through all sorts of initiatives of obfuscation and misrepresentation, such as plastic “recycling”, the idea of a “carbon footprint”, and the blaming of individual actions for continued greenhouse emissions, the actual biggest emitters have avoided scrutiny.
Yasuko asks us to remember who is at fault. This is a Corporate Responsibility.
Yasuko designed this collection to be worn at protests and demonstrations — and as a daily “wearable protest.”
Yasuko works with various mediums. She starts with an initial idea, scribbles, sketches and bounces the idea with people. Once the idea is locked in place, the finished artwork is created quite quickly. The time and work is put into research and concept creation. 
Yasuko's Climate Action Collection will be available for sale on Thursday 15th Sept. 
You can help support Yasuko via our GoFundMe Campaign. When you donate $100 you also then receive 2 tees of your choice from the Climate Action Collection. 

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